• Inadequate agricultural growth leads to poverty and food Insecurity especially in the rural areas where livelihood depends on agriculture.
  • Currently, Agriculture which sustains majority of the country’s population is grossly underfinanced.
  • Illiteracy, poor Agricultural related – infrastructure like roads, distance barrier have made it impossible for Agricultural financing to reach rural areas.
  • Problems of the limited and non-transparent system of Microcredit / Subsidies, as well as control problems after the allocation of funds.
  • Individual farms often do not have effective and adequate access to subsidy programs and donations from governments, ministries and international organizations.


  • An integrated Agricultural platform that covers all areas of the agricultural process will ensure adequate growth.
  • Agrolife provides data for proper planning, implementation of evaluation of agricultural schemes for greater effectiveness and efficiency.
  • Using the AgroLIFE mobile application, farmers can sell their products directly without having to face the problems associated with transportation and logistics.
  • AgroLIFE enables efficient data management for lands owned by government and public individuals.
  • AgroLIFE ensures proper planning and management across the entire agricultural vale chain thereby increasing output while reducing operating costs.
  • AgroLIFE has the functionality to predict weather outcomes, prevent and contain disease outbreaks.
  • AgroLIFE provides a flexible GIS platform that monitors all government control parameters in agricultural production processes specially designed for Agricultural Services.